03 Oct 2019

From land to house – how long does it take to build a house?

Some things take longer than you think, and this can certainly be said when building a house. The journey of building your own home is often met with excited anticipation. But the process of moving from bare land to a livable house can be fraught with complications and timeline blowouts. Unfortunately, reality television only adds to unrealistic expectations; so we’ve decided to take a look at just how long it takes to build an average house in Australia.

How long does the average house take to build?

Finding land could be a quick process, or quite long, depending on your preferences and requirements. If you are buying a block of land in a new development (as most people are), you should account for land titling which on average takes 3-4 weeks. This is the process of where land is handed from the previous owner to you. 

Choosing a builder and house design is the next part of the process. The good news is that this is in your control. If you know what you want, then it can be a very quick and easy decision. For those without clarity, or looking for something quite specific, the process could prove lengthy.  

According to building industry experts, the building process can take between 4 and 12 months once you have purchased the land and a builder and house design have been finalised.

So what could see you with a finished house in 4 months and why would it take 12?

What will affect your build time?

Size and complexity of the house

The size and complexity of the house being built will determine the build time. In most cases, a large two-storey house will take longer than a small single storey house. In addition to size, house design should be taken into consideration. Off-the-plan designs will be much quicker to build as builders will be well versed with the requirements and often have materials ready on hand. A unique architectural design or off-the-plan design with lots of modifications will ultimately take longer.  


Bad weather, particularly heavy rain, can cause significant delays, especially when it comes to preparing the land and laying down the foundations. Unfortunately, bad weather is unpredictable and ends up delaying more than one house. After a bout of bad weather, builders are in a position where they must play catch up in order to start building subsequent houses according to planned times.  


Land varies greatly in size, slope and terrain. Preparation of the land before building is often overlooked, however levelling out a sloping block, stabilising the land and earth moving takes time. Even seemingly flat blocks of land may require work to prepare the land. 


Once building has begun, any changes will only draw out the process. Changes may be necessary as a result of a complication or due to a change of mind.


Issues with finance can be a headache for you and your builder. It goes without saying that paying your builder is important if you want your house built as soon as possible. Ensure your finances (and your build) run smoothly with the right loan. 

Choosing a construction loan is a great loan option as they are designed to help you on the construction journey. With a Mortgage House construction loan, you can expect lower repayments and lower interest as you are charged interest only. That interest is only charged on the amount that has been drawn down. A construction loan also offers security. Builders are paid through progress payments which means you only pay for work that has been completed correctly.  

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At Mortgage House we’re no stranger to the homeowner’s journey. It’s a long (but rewarding) one. Talk to us about a home loan that will support your construction dreams. With the right loan, you could move from land to house sooner than you think.

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