13 Sep 2016

How to Ensure Your Investment Property Will Attract Tenants

Attract Tenants for your Investment Property

When choosing your investment property, it’s vital to make the desires of your future tenants your top priority. Whatever they value the most in a property should be at the forefront of your mind, and you should ensure your marketing communications show the care you put into giving them their dream experience.

But how can you know what’s important to your future tenants, if you haven’t met them yet? How do you determine what matters to somebody you’ve never crossed paths with? You might compromise by choosing a property that you would live in yourself, but what if your tastes don’t match your ideal prospects’ tastes?

Here are, historically, some of the most important things to tenants living in Australian properties. Make sure your property ticks these boxes, and you’ll increase your chances of making people eager to live in it.


Everyone knows that location is the most important consideration when hunting for the perfect investment property. Make sure your property is in a fun, interesting and desirable location that people like.

Modern appliances

Out with the old, in with the new! If your property has a modern aesthetic, up-to-date and energy-efficient appliances and a trendy style, you’ll be well on your way to lining up potential tenants.

Open floor plans

Open floor plans are all the rage. They make a space feel larger, allow the tenant more control over the layout of the area and ultimately keep a home feeling free, relaxing and social.


Parking is self-explanatory. If your property doesn’t allow for easy parking, you’re effectively blocking yourself from every potential tenant who happens to own a car.


Seemingly simple luxuries like a washing machine and dryer can make all the difference to a tenant. If YOU had to choose between a weekly routine of heading to the laundromat once or twice every week, or simply doing all your laundry from home, which would you go with?

Natural light

Nobody wants to come home to a dungeon every day after work. Big open windows make a space feel less claustrophobic, and everyone loves a good view.

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