09 Apr 2021

Business Survival During the Pandemic

Business Survival During the Pandemic


The coronavirus pandemic has been a scary time for everyone, especially for business owners. Lockdowns not only mean that people are earning less money, but customers have fewer opportunities to purchase your products and services.


But the pandemic doesn’t need to be the end of your business. With some forethought and action, you can weather this storm and avoid default on your business loans. 


  • Be Honest About Your Income – While every successful business owner must be a positive thinker, one must avoid empty optimism. Look at your cash flow during the past months and make your decisions based on what you’ve actually made, not on what you hope you’ll earn as the pandemic wanes. 


  • Explore Assistance Options — To help keep businesses afloat, the Australian Government has passed several stimulus packages. These packages won’t grow your business on their own, but they will help you stay stable through the pandemic, putting you in the best position to expand when things return to normal. 


  • Communicate – The worst thing you can do is stay silent and ignore all avenues of help available to you. Talk to other partners in your business, whether they be your landlord, your stakeholders, or even your employees. Find out where you can reduce operating costs while still maintaining customer satisfaction. 


  • Consider Tax Deferment Options – The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) allows businesses harmed in the pandemic to defer some of their tax obligations. 


  • Contact Your Lender – We at Mortgage House want your business to be successful, even in this difficult time. Make an appointment today and speak with one of our representatives about your options. 


If we work together and make necessary changes, your business can stay strong during the pandemic and will be ready to continue growing in the coming years. Contact us today to take advantage of the help we’re ready to give you. 


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