13 Jan 2017

The Best Locations for Property Investors

The Best Locations for Property Investors

Anyone who’s invested in the property market (or thought about it) understands how important location is when choosing an investment opportunity. The old phrase, “Location, location location”, exists for a reason.

The sole purpose of investing is to generate a strong return. If a property is in an area on the rise, the value is likely to appreciate. If the area is on the decline, the value may depreciate. Happenings in and around the area determine the market, who you’re selling to and how easy it’ll be to sell or lease when you desire.

So, which locations are good? Where should your investments go in 2017? Understanding an area takes time, research and expert opinion. Here are a few areas that look promising for investors in 2017:


Sydney has always been a lucrative spot for investors & is still a hot spot worthy of investor attention.

Some Sydney suburbs that are particularly noteworthy are Liverpool, Chipping Norton, Casula and Moorebank. Developments in the area present exciting growth implications.


Melbourne presents a great opportunity for investors in 2017. Melbourne property value is expected to have approximately 5% growth in 2017*.


Perth’s market has been on the decline lately, experiencing a sharp downfall in property value in 2015. However, there are still a few opportunities left.

Armadale, for instance, has been yielding good returns to investors. The area is well equipped with transport, amenities and a sound infrastructure. Anyone looking to invest in Perth property should start there.


Brisbane is set to grow in 2017, despite some inconsistency in the past. Expert predictions suggest a strong year continuing on from recent success.

Some notable suburbs to investigate are Wooloowin, Hamilton and Ascot. If you’re looking for property in Brisbane, these are strong starting points.

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*source: news.com.au

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