28 Jun 2018

Benefits of Using a Buyer’s Agent


It’s no surprise that Buyer’s Agents are soaring in popularity. With fierce market competition, house hunters are continually missing out on their desired property, wasting time and energy on countless house viewings, negotiations, and auctions. Now, understandably, frustrated house hunters are seeking a Buyer’s Agent to supply their expertise and comfortably navigate them through the process. But what are the real benefits of using a Buyer’s Agent?

An experienced guide to a complex market

It’s the job of a Buyer’s Agent to know all the ins and outs of the specific area you are buying into. Buying property is usually the most significant investment a person will make in a lifetime, so getting anything wrong may be extremely costly. A Buyer’s Agent will know the process inside out, so you’ll be getting expert advice on a daunting and confusing topic.

Not only is the experience made simpler with someone who has extensive knowledge and skill in the process of buying a house, but they will have invaluable knowledge of the area, and will be able to pinpoint specific suburbs or areas that will be best for your circumstances. With insider information, the Buyer’s Agent is prepped to help you make the best decisions.

A local rep for those relocating from abroad or another state

We all know that Australia is a big country, and many people and expats move from abroad or from different cities and states. When doing so, it can be near impossible to successfully find, make a successful offer, and secure a house.

A Buyer’s Agent in this scenario could be your local representative, scouting suitable properties, attending auctions, and discussing and finalising deals. This process can often save the buyer thousands in travel fees, plus huge amounts of time, and takes a weight off an already stressful time.

On top of that, a Buyer’s Agent will have insight into up and coming ‘hotspots’, so you may be able to afford a property before the area’s median market price booms. Knowing this could save you thousands and will give you a property in an area you’ll want to live in for the long term, not to mention a better chance of your property gaining equity over time.

Avoiding the competition with off-market properties

Off-market properties are those being sold privately, and this can be for many different reasons, including inherited property, avoidance of costly real estate agency fees, and protection of privacy, amongst many others.

Sellers of off-market properties often want the quickest, easiest sale possible as they’re not getting a real estate agent to do the work for them. A Buyer’s Agent will have excellent negotiation skills in an environment already open to low offers. They will also have the right contacts and know-how of the off-market trade to be able to look into this option for you quickly.

An objective, not an emotional buyer

It’s easy to say that we’d think with our heads and not our hearts, especially when it comes to something so big as buying a house. In reality though, when it comes to ‘the one’, on offer outside of your price range, you may find that stress clouds your judgement, and you might even forget your key requirements because one aspect of the property is ‘perfect’. Using a Buyer’s Agent removes the emotion from the process, allowing a clear and objective mind, and a far more appropriate result.

Ultimately, using a Buyer’s Agent can supply you with the knowledge that you wouldn’t know without one, and will take the stress off you when it comes to the crux of the process.

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