03 May 2021

Airbnb Income: 3 Tips for Responsible Hosting in Australia

Australian homeowners who have an extra room, space, or house can turn it into a money-maker. Airbnb income offers an additional stream of revenue. Before you venture into this realm, it’s important to understand how to be a responsible host. By taking the following tips into account, you’re more likely to be successful in this venture.


The following are three Airbnb hosting tips.


Health and Cleanliness


First and foremost, you must be able to provide a healthy and clean space for Airbnb guests. If the space is clean, you set the standard. Guests know exactly how the room or house should look when they leave. Accidents happen and something could break during their stay. It’s easier to file an insurance claim if everything is in good shape.


Health is important and goes hand in hand with cleanliness. Mortgage House helps you complete renovations or upgrades before listing your place. Ask about our mortgage choice options.



A responsible host is considerate of roommates, neighbours, and other house guests. It helps to provide Airbnb guests with a set of courtesy rules. Outline noise ordinances and boundaries. Outline building rules, house rules, and noise parameters. It’s helpful to provide parking, pet, and smoking guidelines, too.



Earning extra revenue is great. Keep in mind that the Australian tax authorities expect you to claim it. By staying on top of your tax bill, you can continue being an Airbnb host. 


Airbnb Income Conclusion

Responsible Airbnb hosts in Australia can earn extra income from the property they own. Getting in on Airbnb income does come with some rules and regulations. To be a successful host, provide a healthy and clean space. Outline courtesy rules and be mindful of your taxes.

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