05 Jul 2016

6 Easy Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value

6 ways to increase your homes value

If you’re selling your home soon, it makes sense that you’d want to sell it for as much as possible. But full-on renovations can be expensive, and you might wind up hitting a point of diminishing returns. That is to say, you might not end up making the money back if you spend too much.

Here are some cost-effective ways to increase the value of your home while maximising ROI:

1. Make your kitchen shine

The kitchen is the heart of any home. This is where the kettle boils, the food is made and the drinks are served. It’s important when selling that your kitchen is not only striking, but neutral. Make it easy for the prospective buyer to envision their own belongings and lives working with it.

Paint cabinets neutral colours. Tighten, fix and/or replace drawer handles, knobs, and anything else that might leave a bad taste in the prospect’s mouth if it isn’t fully functional.

2. Let there be light

During inspections, you want natural light to pour into the home. That means all your windows should be wide open.

So make sure that your windows are clean, inside and out. If windowsills are scratched or damaged, paint over them or replace them.

As for the interior lighting, replace all your fixtures and bulbs to give the entire home a stunning glow.

3. Clear out the clutter

You want your home to look as large as possible for prospective buyers, and you want them to be able to easily picture where all their stuff is going to go after they move in.

So be ruthless deciding which of your own belongings to keep in the home while you’re still living there. If you don’t need it, put it in storage.

4. Make the entrance memorable

Buyers will form a first impression of your home within seven seconds of entering, so it pays to make your entrance as memorable as possible.

Make sure your front door is spotless, smooth and well-oiled. Make sure the opening hallway or room is as perfect as possible. Imagine that your home will either be sold or rejected based on the first few steps inside – does it make the cut?

5. Paint the walls neutral colours

Some people like blue and dislike red. Some people like red and dislike blue. If you’re trying to appeal to as many people as possible to drive up competition between buyers and make your home universally appealing, you’ll want the house to be painted in neutral colours.

6. Get your green thumb out

You want the outside of your home to appeal to prospects as much as the inside. Whether it’s important to you or not doesn’t matter – make sure your yard is tidy.

Remove the weeds. Cut the grass. Rake the leaves. Trim the hedges. Water the plants. Buy new plants if your lawn is looking a little bland.

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