01 Aug 2016

5 Things to Consider When House-Hunting

House Hunting

There are few feelings as exciting as walking into an empty, clean home and imagining what your life would look like within it.

But house-hunting can be stressful as well. Behind the excitement lies the knowledge that, at some stage, there’s going to be a lot to organise (and a lot to do) if you want to actually move in. Not to mention the fact that house-hunting in and of itself is time-consuming and potentially stressful.

That’s why we’ve put these handy tips together to help you on your hunt! Whether it’s your first time or you’ve house-hunted before, these handy reminders will make your experience more enjoyable, efficient and productive.

Shortlisting and planning

The first step to a house-hunt should be its organisation.

Decide how many houses you want to look at, and in what timeframe. Base your figures on whatever you like, but have a set number and make sure you’re happy with them.

After you have your numbers, organise your inspections. You want to have each appointment booked in advance before leaving for your first meeting. If you don’t, you might find yourself doing more travelling (and work) than necessary.

Weekdays over weekends

Most people inspect houses on weekends. Don’t be like most people. If you want to get ahead of the other prospective buyers (and make a strong impression), try to schedule your inspections on a weekday.

Not only will you likely be viewing a home ahead of the pack, but you’ll be viewing it alone. That means more one-on-one time with the agent (and more opportunity to stand out from the crowd and make an impression).


Don’t wait for the listings and inspections to come to you. Again, don’t be like most people.

Research your local agents, call them and ask if they have any yet-to-be-advertised properties in the pipeline. You’ll be doing them a favour by presenting yourself as an early lead, and you’ll be doing yourself a favour by getting in to view a home before anyone else even realises it’s due to list.

Your application

Print out the application for the home you’re inspecting, fill it out and arrive with it ready to go. You can find templated application forms on agency websites.

Agents are short on time. They’re busy. They have multiple locations to drive to, a lot to organise and a lot to remember. As such, the easier you’re able to make their job, the better. Not only will you stand out in their mind, but you’ll be starting from a closer point to a sale than other prospective homeowners.

Put yourself in the shoes of a busy agent. If you’ve got a sea of applications you’re yet to review, yet the first prospect you met came with a pre-packaged application, whose case are you more likely to pursue?


Finally, respect the agent. They’re busy, hard-working human beings. People remember and put in the extra effort for people who are courteous, kind and respectful to them. It’s a simple, effective way to build rapport.


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