23 Feb 2022

10 Step Renovation Process Checklist

renovation process checklist

A home renovation project is a hefty undertaking, even for small homes; it can last four to six months. For larger homes, the project can take six to 12 months.

Mortgage House offers a 10 step renovation process checklist to help homeowners keep the project on track.

Decide What to Renovate. Some homeowners only renovate a room. Others renovate the entire property. This determines if you need to obtain permits.

Set Your Budget. Once you know how much space you want to renovate, you can set your budget.

Estimate Costs. A budget and estimated costs sometimes complement each other. Other times, you’ll find that the two numbers are not near each other.

Find Financing. After finding out the estimated costs, find the financing. Some homeowners have savings. Others leverage their home’s equity to obtain a renovation loan. If you require financing, contact Mortgage House.

Hire a Crew. When you secure financing, you can hire a crew. Depending on the financing, the crew might need to submit their plans to receive payment.

Clean the Property. To let a crew work efficiently, you must clear out your things. At the least, they require space to work. Move and protect anything that you don’t want to be damaged.

Let the Crew Work. Those who hire a crew should let the teamwork in peace. If you renovate the property yourself, ensure that your plans are ready to go.

Check the Progress. Even though you let the crew do the work in peace, check-in at certain increments to ensure that the timeline is still intact.

Pay the Crew in Full. As the project nears the end, pay the crew in full.

Enjoy Your Home. A renovation helps a home feel like new. Now it’s time to enjoy the property again.

Renovation Process Checklist Conclusion

In addition to offering a renovation process checklist, Mortgage House also offers several online tools such as our home loan calculator. For more information about renovation home loans, contact our team today.

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