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Your journey to a home loan with Mortgage House

Applying for a home loan can seem daunting, but it doesn’t need to be. Whether you’re moving into your first home, purchasing an investment property, constructing a new build or simply switching your loan to something better, we’ll give you all the information you need to make informed financial decisions throughout the life of your loan with us. We’ve highlighted the main steps you will take between applying for your home loan and your settlement day.

Apply for a home loan

Apply online - it can take as little as 15 minutes to fill in the details we need to start your application for the perfect home loan.

Upload documents

By uploading copies of your passport and proof of income, you can fast track your home loan application to be ready for review.

Application review

When you discuss your requirements with your Lending Specialist, they will find the best loan with interest-saving features to suit your needs.


Pre-approval and conditional pre-approval are agreements in principle to confirm your home loan will go ahead subject to further assessments.

Submit application

Once you pay your application fee, we can submit your completed home loan application. Many of our loans feature an application fee refund on settlement.

Make an offer

If you are house-hunting, you will now be eligible to make a conditional offer (on the basis that the contract will be fulfilled pending full approval).

Property valuation

An appointment will be made to inspect your chosen property (or current property, if you are refinancing), in order to conduct a valuation.

Loan approval

Once we have everything from you to successfully confirm the serviceability of your home loan, you will be granted a formal approval on your chosen home loan and property (if purchasing).

Sign legal documents

You will be sent legal mortgage paperwork, which you will be required to review and sign before sending all documents back to be processed.

Organise insurance

Organising home insurance will eliminate risk of accidental damage as soon as you are responsible for the property, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Settlement process

We'll prepare your loan for settlement when we receive your paperwork. If purchasing property, carry out final property inspections and start packing!

It’s a done deal!

Congratulations, it's settlement day! Your solicitor will manage the fees, sign paperwork, and register the mortgage over the title of your new property.

Commonly asked questions

The home loan application process can be overwhelming, but that’s where we’re here to help. You’ll have a dedicated Lending Specialist who will make your journey as stress-free as possible while providing you with the best loan for your needs, plus all the features you need to maintain financial flexibility. We know how important it is to be confident in your decisions, which is why we work hard to provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions on your property goals and finances.

What information and documentation do I need ready before I apply online?

You will need the following information:

  • Passport (colour photocopy)
  • Driver’s License (colour photocopy)
  • Details of the home loan type you are after (purchasing property, refinancing etc.)
  • Details of the house you are purchasing (if applicable, and if you have found a property yet)
  • Contact details of all applicants
  • Details of your income (salary, self-employed information and any other form of income, such as social security, compensation or rental income). You can link your bank account here or enter the information manually.
  • Details of your assets (such as property, motor vehicles, home contents, shares, savings, or superannuation)
  • Details of your expenses

I’m self-employed - what do I upload to the apply online portal?

You will also be required to upload your income tax returns from the last two financial years, plus your most recent Assessment Notice.

Does every loan include application fees?

Most of our products require application fees when you submit your final application, but some of our loans include a refund of your application fees upon settlement*.

I don’t know what type of loan or features will be best for me. Do I need to know before applying online?

No! Once you’ve applied, you’ll have a chat with one of our Lending Specialists, who will review your requirements and explain every avenue to you, finding you the best loan for your needs. If you want to familiarise yourself with the types of loans we offer, click here.

What's the different between a conditional approval and pre-approval?

Conditional approval is the confirmation from Mortgage House that, on the basis all required information is factually correct, you will be given approval subject to various conditions, like successful credit checks and, once you’ve found your desired purchase, property valuations. 

Pre-approval is the confirmation from Mortgage House that, now that the property you wish to purchase has been valued and we have all required information from you, provided final checks are completed successfully, you can proceed with our financial backing.

What legal documents will I have to sign to start the settlement process?

You will receive your loan contract, mortgage document, repayment form, certificate of witness form, borrower certificate and warranty. To learn more about the documentation required for settlement, click here.

What does the settlement process entail?

As soon as you have returned your completed legal documents, we can begin your settlement process. During the settlement process, your legal representatives will ensure all clauses in your contracts are being met, and get all the required documents ready to close the sale.

On your agreed settlement date, your legal representative and the legal representative of the seller will take care of all matters relating to settlement, such as registering the title of the property and paying stamp duty.

After this is taken care of, you are now able to move into your new home, start your new build process, cash out equity from your loan, or benefit from a lower rate home loan – whatever your reason for your home loan, it’s now complete and ready to enjoy.

What is the settlement process when refinancing?

When refinancing you will follow a very similar path to settlement. You will follow steps 1-3 the same as other applicants, but when it comes to pre-approval, you will get a valuation conducted on your current home. You’ll submit your application and await loan approval and then follow the steps above until settlement. Your settlement date will not involve handing over of keys, but switching over your loan to your new Mortgage House payments.

*Refinance Double Down offer for new customers only: 1 year or less with current lender – $600 application fee refunded. 1 – 5 years with current lender – $600 application fee + $600 paid off home loan on settlement. 5+ years with current lender – $600 application fee + $900 paid off home loan on settlement.