Moving Home Checklist

Mortgage has been approved, house has settled, now it’s time to move!

Take the pain and stress out of moving house by being organised. Here’s a guide to help you on your way.


Ahead of your move
Shed surplus stuff by selling it on or, or giving it to the Smith Family or the Salvation Army
Get removalist quotes: Find removalists at
Start packing items you don’t use regularly (books, winter clothes etc).
Get boxes from your removalists or supermarket. Mark each carton with the room it’s intended for.
Use up food in your freezer and pantry.
Organise to clean your new home ahead of your arrival and have utilities connected.
Use a floor plan to work out where furniture will go.
Get Connected
Council and Water Rates: Your solicitor will adjust any arrears and notify change of ownership.
Gas, Electricity and Phone: You must advise these utilities of your change of address and arrange disconnection at your old home and reconnection at your new address.
Mobile and ISP: Check ISP termination terms. You may be charged if you break your contract early. See if you can transfer the service from one phone to another. Advise mobile provider of change of billing address.
Cable and Satellite TV: You may be charged if you break your contract early but not if you reconnect at your new home.
Change of address
Friends, family, doctor, school, motor registration, drivers licence, insurance, health funds, clubs, subscriptions, newspapers, bread/milk deliveries.
Electoral Roll:
Electricity and gas bills
General Mail redirection:
Bank, building society, credit cards, super funds, stockbroker, insurances, accountant, solicitor, Tax Office.
Get Moving
The day before the move: defrost and clean fridge/freezer; take out garbage; pack an overnight bag with pyjamas, toothbrush, tea, mug, sheets, towels for your first night at the new place.
Enlist friends and relatives to help you on the big day.
Empty drawers, remove doors from wardrobes, dismantle items for easy moving.
The day of the move: have plenty of water available; lock valuables in your car until the move is over.

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