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Buy That Big Ticket Item

If you’re planning on purchasing a car or boat, going on holiday, putting on a wedding or doing some home renovations, you need money to make any of it happen.

Yet, your cash flow situation may prevent you from doing these things right now.

A personal loan from Mortgage House can help fix that by giving you the exact amount of cash you need to get what you want, when you want it.

Consolidate Your Debt

Getting overwhelmed by the amount of bills you have to manage?

If you’re looking to consolidate your debt then a personal loan can potentially help you to significantly lower your interest and monthly repayments. Not to mention, get rid of the headache that comes with tracking lots of debt repayments.

The savings from debt consolidation can help you get your finances back under control or even get your life off to a new start.

Personal Loan Features

Here’s what a Mortgage House personal loan can offer:

  • Unlimited and free redraws

  • Unlimited and free extra repayments

  • Unlimited and free EFTs (Electronic Funds Transfer)

  • Direct Salary Credits so you can save interest

  • Bpay In

  • Interest calculated daily and charged monthly

  • Save interest with easy transfers from your home loan

  • Money on standby for ‘rainy days’

  • Variable and Fixed Rates with no penalties on fixed rate loans!

  • Improve your chance in getting a lower rate on your home loan

  • Transferable security with no penalties when trading in a car