27 Apr 2016

Is City Living Losing Its Charm?

Real estate is an ever-changing field because almost any social trend – be it economic, cosmetic or otherwise – can affect where and what we like to call home.

For a long time, living close to the city was the only choice for career-focused men and women. Residing in close proximity to the city’s offices, population and general infrastructure provides a range of opportunity and convenience. Among some examples would be shorter commutes, lavish lifestyle opportunities and easy access to events.


But the average citizen’s working life has been altered greatly in recent years by the progression of technology. Easy access to everything you need from a single laptop or tablet has afforded many workers the option to work from home – sometimes exclusively.

As technology progresses and the population continues to rise, outer-suburb living might become more and more preferable to living in the chaotic centre of the city. The need to be physically close to a particular workplace will only lessen as technology becomes more elaborate.


A recent surge in health consciousness has also contributed to thousands of Australians seeking homes in outer suburbs. The speed and intensity of city living certainly isn’t for everyone, and many Australians have always preferred more relaxed living.

But now that close proximity to physical workplaces is declining in necessity, and public transport infrastructure is becoming more comprehensive, living among the trees and away from the smog is becoming a more viable option.

Which is good news for health-conscious citizens who enjoy morning jogs, fresh air and quiet at night.


One thing that Australia has in abundance over other countries in the western world is unoccupied land. With our national population sitting at three million less than that of Texas alone in the United States, Australia’s a great place for nature-conscious prospective homeowners to find properties with big yards and wide open spaces.

The dream of having a big backyard and a high-powered city job has been painfully out of reach for the working class in the past. But as things continue to change, the option to have both will only increase in viability.

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