18 Jul 2021

Can I Repay My Variable Rate Home Loan Early with No Penalties?

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Fixed-rate loans differ from variable-rate home loans. The main difference is the interest rate and its terms. A homebuyer enters into a contract with the mortgage lender and agrees to pay the same amount monthly for 30 years. Variable loans pose a risk because the interest rate fluctuates and can change without warning.

Most Australian homeowners successfully pay off their variable rate mortgage without any issues. Additionally, some pay it off before the end of the 30-year term. Lenders allow homeowners to pay it off sooner because the consumer takes on risks too.

To procure a fixed rate, lenders enter into a contract with a wholesaler that provides the funds. If a homeowner breaks their contract with the lender, the lender breaks the contract with the wholesaler. This leads to fixed rate break costs.

This isn’t the case with the variable rate loan. You benefit from some flexibility. Plus the loan term begins with a lower rate than the fixed loan. If you’re financially able to make additional payments from the beginning, you set yourself up to save in the long run. 

Our Mortgage House online mortgage repayment calculator allows you to see this scenario play out.

Variable Rate Home Loan Conclusion

A variable rate home loan does not incur penalties if the homeowner pays it off before the end of its terms. A lender may suggest other financial products to keep you as a client, but there won’t be additional fees or charges for paying off the mortgage early. Our Mortgage House loan specialists can offer more information. 

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