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It’s the simple way of driving the car you want today.

Saving money for a new car takes time, but sometimes you can’t afford to wait, especially when you rely on a car everyday. A personal car loan is perfect for those in need of a car with no time to lose, whether your job relies on a dependable vehicle or you need to accommodate an expanding family.

There is no deposit necessary so it’s both quick and easy to apply. If you’re already paying off a home loan with any lender, then you automatically satisfy the initial requirements needed for a Mortgage House personal car loan. Plus, with all the flexibility and features of a great home loan you can pay off a personal car loan at your own pace.


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Advantages of Personal Car Loans

  • Get your dream car sooner

  • Save with a super low variable rate

  • Flexible repayment options

  • Free & unlimited repayments so you can pay off your loan faster

  • Redraw flexibility gives you access to your money

  • Available for both new and used cars