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Take Back Control Of Your Finances.

It’s a new environment and lots has changed. Now is the time to take that back and

Wondering how you’re going to manage to pay for personal items over this period? What about staying on top of all your debts while still putting money aside for when things return to normal? There’s no time like now to consolidate your debts into one low-interest loan like a Mortgage House home loan and get back on track with your finances.

Debt Consolidation Could Make A Difference To Your Life And Your Future..


Combining multiple debts into one loan leaves you with just one loan and one much lower monthly repayment to manage.

Lower Interest

Rolling all high-interest debts like credit card debt and store cards into one new loan with a lower interest rate can reduce interest.


The savings add up big time with lower interest, lower monthly repayments and fewer fees.

Less Worries

More money in your pocket – instead of multiple fees and charges, debt consolidation gives you one loan with just one fee.

Easy Budgeting

Budgeting is simple when you only need to account for a single loan repayment.

Pay Off Debts Sooner

One manageable loan and single monthly repayment can give you the
confidence to get on top of your debt and work towards paying it off sooner.

Improved Cash Flow

New loans with flexible repayment periods can give you the option to spread your loan over a longer period and free up cash for other expenses.

No Embarrassing Debt Collection Calls

Debt consolidation lets you pay off the debts and say goodbye to debt collectors.

Move forward now and achieve your financial goals

Improved Credit Rating

Consolidating debt into one manageable loan before it’s too late means you avoid a blemish on your credit score and maintain a good credit history.

Increased Borrowing Power

Looking to buy property or a new car? A debt consolidation loan that helps you clear multiple debts can improve your borrowing power.

Better Deals

A good credit score and minimal debt mean you’re in a position to negotiate a better deal. A debt consolidation loan helps you achieve both.

How To Get The Most Out Of Debt Consolidation:

Consolidate Debt Early

Pay More

Automatic Payments

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Download our free Guide to Debt Consolidation and discover for yourself how easy it is to get back on track and manage your finances.

We are award winning lending specialists since 1986

Our latest awards include:

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CANSTAR Fixed Rate Home Loans Non-Bank of the Year
Mortgage Award
CANSTAR Fixed Rate Home Loans Non-Bank of the Year
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CANSTAR Fixed Rate Home Loans ADVANTAGE Home Loan - 1 Year Fixed
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CANSTAR Fixed Rate Home Loans ADVANTAGE Home Loan - 2 Year Fixed
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CANSTAR Fixed Rate Home Loans ADVANTAGE Home Loan - 3 Year Fixed
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CANSTAR Fixed Rate Home Loans ADVANTAGE Home Loan - 5 Year Fixed

What people are saying

“Very Satisfied Customer”

I refinanced and the process couldn’t have gone more smoothly, great communication throughout the process made it stress free. All staff very professional and made jargon easy to understand. Not to mention a great highly competitive variable rate that the other lenders couldn’t match. Have already highly recommended to friends.

Rating: 5/5

“Best Service”

Mortgage House were very helpful. I was extremely nervous about the process of refinancing however, Brij, my consultant made everything easy for me and was really supportive throughout the whole process. The process was also very quick. I would highly recommend Mortgage House.

Rating: 5/5

“Beyond Excellent”

Thanks Jason Seeto for your excellent customer service and support during my Homeloan application! Definitely recommend you for always going above and beyond expectations and being so easy to deal with. Explaining processes and fine lines in detail, ensuring that all information is understood before signing/proceeding. Thanks heaps and look forward to working with you again in future!

Rating: 5/5


Having been a disgruntled bank customer for many years – I finally made the decision to switch, my only regret is I should have done it years ago. The process to refinance was easy to follow – my lending officer (Kevin Paredes) did an outstanding job, he was clear and concise and was readily available when required. I have already recommended MH to my family and friends & will continue to do so moving forward.

Rating: 5/5