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Make your Christmas merry and bright with these special home loans!

We’re getting into the Christmas spirit with 12 special loans to help you achieve your financial goals this festive season.

Whether you’re looking for competitive low rates to buy a home, car or both, a respite from application fees or money-saving features as hot as the summer weather, we have a loan for you.

You could be rockin’ around the Christmas tree in your own home early next year. Take your pick from 12 loans tailored to bring you the joy of owning your own home or car. 

Start your journey here and find a home loan that suits your needs.

Additional Repayments

Make as many extra repayments or lump sum payments as you like without any penalties.

$0 Monthly Fees

More money in your pocket for Christmas gifts, with no application fee, no package fee and no monthly fees to pay ever.


Use BPAY to conveniently schedule your payments in advance – that way you’ll never miss repayments or bill payments.

Loan Splitting

Enjoy the security of a fixed rate on part of your loan with the flexibility of a variable interest rate on the remaining amount.

100% Offset Account

Make your savings work for you. Every dollar saved in this offset account is offset against your home loan balance and reduces the total interest payable.

Free Redraw Facility

Easily withdraw any additional payments you’ve made above your minimum repayments whenever you need it.

Loan Portability

Moving house down the track is stress-free. Simply transfer your loan to your new property so you can continue to take advantage

Loan Switching

Don’t worry when interest rates rise – instantly switch from your current variable rate to a fixed rate for peace of mind.