17 May 2022

Zip Pay Account: How Do I Close It?

zip pay account

Several ways to obtain small loans and short-term financing exist in Australia. For example, some open a Zip Pay Account. The platform acts like a credit card. The financial company reports that 26,000 stores accept the payment method in Australia. Users can obtain $1,000. Once they use a portion or all of the funds, users will repay the debt in regular interest-free installments. The platform requires no credit card. 

Users interested in closing the account can after repaying outstanding balances and any associated fees. 

Start the closing process by contacting the Zip Co customer service team. They’ll ask you to provide your:

  • Full name
  • Birthdate
  • Address
  • Account information

The team will also request the reason for closing the account. 

Another option is to keep the account open. If the user does not charge an amount on the account, they incur no fees. Then, users can use it in an emergency.

It makes sense that some individuals will not feel comfortable keeping a charge account open. 

Those who require more financing can always apply for a personal loan or other product through Mortgage House. 

Individuals who enjoy completing financial transactions online will also enjoy the resources provided by Mortgage House. Our Mortgage House home loan calculator remains a great resource for individuals interested in purchasing a house.

Zip Pay Account Conclusion

To close your Zip Pay Account, contact the platform and follow the instructions. Those interested in obtaining a personal loan can contact our Mortgage House lending specialists to explore their options.

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