30 Jan 2022

Why Is It Taking So Long for My Mortgage to be Approved?

Mortgage to be Approved

The mortgage approval timeline takes between four weeks to six months. Some things can delay an application. These delays make homeowners wonder why it’s taking so long. 

Missing financial documents can cause delays in the application process. It’s also important to fill out the application completely before submitting it. It’s normal to have questions about some of the sections. During the process, lenders might assign a loan specialist to your case. If so, ensure that you keep the lines of communication open with the professional. This helps you route your paperwork to the correct person. Plus, you can send them any missing documents.

Sometimes mortgage applications take longer because the lender must ensure your 

ability to repay the home loan in its entirety. If they notice odd patterns in your financials, they might request three more months of bank statements and payslips. They need to see stability in your spending habits and financial obligations. 

Mortgage House loan specialists have several tools at their disposal. The proprietary tools make the evaluation process more efficient. If you feel like your application is taking too long to process, feel free to contact your loan specialist. They can give you tips on how to speed up the process so you can purchase your home. 

You can also use our Mortgage House online mortgage calculator with no strings attached.

Mortgage Approval Timeline Conclusion

To maintain an efficient mortgage approval timeline, enter the application process prepared. A great way to avoid delays is by turning in all your financial documents and filling out the application completely. Our Mortgage House loan specialists can answer your questions too.

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