12 Oct 2021

Why Do I Have to Resend the Same Documents Over and Over?

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When you submit your home loan application, you also have to submit various identification and financial documentation. These documents not only provide lenders with the information necessary to run credit checks and prove your identity but are also used as a way to lenders assess whether or not you can afford to repay the loan. It is essential to make sure the documents you submit are filled out correctly and completely and are also up-to-date. Otherwise, you may have to resend the same documents over and over, which can delay your application approval. 

What Documents Do I Need to Submit With My Application

Most lenders provide an online document checklist so you can make sure you submit the necessary documents with your home loan application. You can make the application process smoother and prevent having to resubmit the same documents again by making sure the following documents are current:

  • Identity documents, including your passport, driver’s licence, or learner’s permit. Also accepted are your birth certificate, citizenship certificate, or medicare card. 
  • Income documents, including bank account statements that outline three months’ worth of income, payslips, an employment contract outlining your employment status and salary, and a tax return 
  • Financial information, including assets and liabilities, and living expenses. These include such items as, super, shares, vehicles, credit cards, existing loans, groceries, bills, insurance, clothing, education expenses, etc. 

At Mortgage House, we understand how stressful the home loan application process can be, especially when it comes to making sure you submit the required documentation. Our brokers will work with you to streamline the process by making sure you provide the correct documents and that they are current and filled out completely so you don’t have to resubmit them.

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