07 Jun 2022

Why choose Mortgage House – More flexible for borrowers that do not qualify for a bank loan

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Not everyone qualifies for a bank loan. Most of the time, home buyers can expect bumps along their journey of obtaining a competitive and affordable bank loan. Thankfully, Mortgage House has flexible options for borrowers that do not qualify for a traditional bank loan.

Since Mortgage House is a non-bank lender, they offer a dozen different loans that can be customised to fit the borrowers needs. There are fixed and variable interest rates as well, which is a great option for home buyers or borrowers looking for the lowest interest rate or a fast acceptance.

Mortgage House also offers personal loans, car loans, and business loans that are perfect for borrowers that do not qualify for a bank loan. However, it is important to note that the interest rate may increase. In order to give borrowers a good chance at a non-bank lender loan approval, it is important to have all documents ready and submitted as quickly as possible. The more proof of income and stability, the better your are at acquiring a flexible bank loan for borrowers.

Mortgage House Most Flexible Conclusion

Flexible borrowing options are available for borrowers looking for a competitive and comfortable loan at Mortgage House. The experts at Mortgage house understand the importance of finding a loan that fits well while also approving quickly. Mortgage House offers super-fast approval rates, sometimes as quickly as 24 hours after the application is received with the appropriate documentation.

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