07 Jun 2022

Why choose Mortgage House – Best rates for borrowers that qualify for a bank loan

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Mortgage House has serviced Australia for over three decades and continues to help home buyers, sellers, and investors looking for a competitive and affordable bank loan. For borrowers that qualify for a bank loan, they have a great advantage, the best and lowest interest rates!

There are various types of loans with competitive interest rates that can be personalised to meet the borrower’s needs. For example, the most common type of home loan offered to borrowers that qualify for a bank loan is the variable rate home loan. This interest rate decreases and increases during the life of the loan depending on many factors.

If you are unsure of how much you can qualify for, it is best to use an online borrowing calculator. Mortgage House has a free borrowing calculator that can estimate the repayment amount each month as well as the total loan amount you can afford. Of course, this depends on key pieces of information like your estimated interest rate, current income, and the loan period.

Our Mortgage House experts and home loan specialists are only a call away, ready to help you succeed in finding the best rates for borrowers qualifying for a bank loan. On our website, we compare recent interest rates from our competitors in Australia. 

Mortgage House Best Rates Conclusion

Mortgage House is transparent and competitive. The interest rates displayed, though, are subject to change. That being said, there are hundreds of options to best fit your needs. Instead of looking for your best interest loan rate, speak to one of our highly qualified specialists today!

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