03 Aug 2022

Who pays for discharge of mortgage?

Paying for Mortgage Discharge

Mortgage discharge fees are necessary if you want the official certificate and title that states the property or land belongs to you. Even after you have completed the final repayment on a mortgage loan, the title is not yours. There are a few steps, after repaying the last repayment you need to complete. 

There is a free form from the lender that you will need to access and sign. The application takes about 10 to 20 minutes to complete. After you finish the form, you also need to pay the mortgage discharge fee. You, the borrower and the new full owner of the property pay the mortgage discharge; however, the lender fills out the paperwork and takes care of the small details.

It is almost impossible to sell a home without the full title. Lenders use the fee money to pay for fees associated with completing the paperwork and transferring the title officially to your name. It is really exciting when you own a property and don’t owe any debts.

There is a lot that many people do not know about mortgages and the fees. If you are confused and want more information about the mortgage repaying process, call our Mortgage House expert lenders for more information.

Paying for Mortgage Discharge Conclusion

Usually, a mortgage discharge fee is $50 to $600 at the end of the mortgage. No lender will waive the fee and the only one who can pay the fee is the new owner of the property repaying their mortgage.

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