26 May 2022

Who is giving the best mortgage rates?

mortgage rates

The average mortgage rates are constantly changing. This makes it hard to find a mortgage company or lender that stands out and provides the best interest rates. That being said, a few companies stand out as they provide the best rates for home buyers looking to tap into the Australian housing market.

One of the best mortgage rates is the Star Gold Home Loan. This company offers a 1.79% interest rate for those who qualify and can take out a mortgage loan of above $300,000. The thing about these loans is that they are still expensive! Even with a low-interest rate, the high amount you need to take out makes it costly.

Another honourable mention of the best banks and mortgage rate lenders in Australia is the Well Balanced home loan company. They offer a competitive interest rate of 1.89% while also allowing borrowers to take up to 2 million. 

The hardest part about choosing a company that has the best mortgage rates is that not everyone has the same criteria. While the interest rates offered by Mortgage House are not the lowest, they are personalized and economical.

Best Mortgage Rates Company Conclusion

Mortgage House is ready to help you and your home buying needs, including looking for the best mortgage rates. Our consultants are experienced and have many tricks up their sleeves that can help find you the best mortgage rate to decrease the monthly payment. 

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