18 Jun 2022

Who controls a Direct Debit?

Direct Debit Controlling

‘Who controls a direct deposit’ is not an easy question to answer because, technically, there is power on both sides. The merchant has the authorisation to process a payment and charge onto the bank account or credit card. While this is true, the user in charge of the bank account can cancel it at any time since they give authorisation!

So, is a direct debit payment system right for you? Not everyone uses direct debit payments, and that is okay! These payments are typically good options for those who have extra funds in their account and are not afraid that the charge will place them negatively.

Experts don’t recommend using a direct debit system if your financial situation is not strong. When using a direct debit payment system, there is always a risk that the system will charge you the determined amount, but your bank account or credit card will not have enough.

At the end of the day, the user has more control than the merchant. If the merchant, for example, accidentally charges a person twice, then the user can dispute this charge.

Direct Debit Controlling Conclusion

Mortgage House experts are great lenders that know a lot about car loans, personal loans, home loans, and business loans. These loans have the option of a direct debit payment. When using this pay, the user has all the control. However, there is permission granted to us, the lender. Ready for the next step? Call one of our amazing Mortgage House specialists!

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