19 Jan 2022

Which Bank is Best for the Self-Employed?


With so many banks to choose from in Australia, it is hard to choose when looking for a bank! This is especially true when it comes to self-employed individuals. There are a lot of options to consider, though!

As the world has gone digital over time, millions of Australians now work for themselves. This means that their payment schedule changes frequently and is unique. For some banks, it is a red flag, but they are the minority. 

Listed below are two of the best banks for self-employed people in Australia to use.

  • Commonwealth Bank

This bank is one of the largest in Australia. However, that is not the only reason it is on this list. Not only does it serve thousands of people offering loans, banking opportunities, and quality care, but they also serve self-employed individuals looking to apply for a loan.

They are one of the best banks that provide loan services as they take tax returns and financial statements to decide on each person’s application.

  • ANZ (Australia and New Zealand Banking Group)

The ANZ bank is popular amongst New Zealand citizens and Australians because of its quick pace and accessibility. For self-employed individuals still learning about the banking process, this is a sound option!

Not only does this bank provide personalised care and answer any necessary questions, but the company prides itself on its reputation. So far, ANZ has helped over 8 million retain businesses and people with their company.


All in all, each bank does provide a different benefit. The choice is up to each freelancer and self-employed individual! There are a lot of things to weigh when looking for the best bank to do business with!

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