19 Jul 2022

Which bank has the most complaints?

Bank with the Most Complaints

According to Yahoo Finance, the bank that received the most complaints was the Commonwealth Bank with 3,890 complaints. As one of the largest banks in Australia, they have a lot of negative reviews, likely because the larger a company or financial institute is, the harder it is to retain consistent values and experiences. The overall rating for this banking institute is 1.6 out of 10.

The main complaint that customers have with this company is that they are frequently referred to a call centre number. Although the company swears that the employees working at the call centre live in Australia, they appear to be overseas workers with thick accents that are hard to understand. The complaints, though, for this banking institute do not stop there.

One reviewer stated that they constantly wait at least two hours on the phone until anyone picks up. Even after someone picks up, there are constant complaints that their questions are not answered and they are left on hold frequently throughout the call.

This bank also has an old-school website and application system that makes it difficult for customers to check their balances and inquire about their banking services. With just a few changes, this bank can grow and decrease the number of complaints annually. Banks must give good customer experiences for all clients.

Bank with the Most Complaints Conclusion

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