09 Nov 2022

Which Bank Gives Loans Easily?

Bank Gives Loans Easily

Knowing what bank to go with when applying for a loan can be difficult to know where to go. We have best home loan providers based on the Mozo Expert Choice Awards for 2022 so you can find the best bank to work with.

For best home lender we have:

-Tic:Toc- Fixed Home Loan. Features of loans: For new owner-occupiers seeking to borrow up to 90% of the value of the property, Tic:Toc’s Fixed Home Loan offers fixed rates starting at 4.59% p.a. (3.74% p.a. comparative rate*) on a 1-year term. With features like a redraw facility, free additional repayments, no upfront costs, and the choice to pay $10 monthly for an offset account, you may lock in a fixed rate for one to five years.

-OneTwo- Variable Rate Home Loan. Features of loans: For owner occupiers who want to refinance their current mortgage, OneTwo provides a low variable rate starting at 4.09% p.a. (4.01% p.a. comparative rate*). Benefits include no upfront costs, free additional payments, and even an interest rate discount of 0.03% each time you pay off 5% of the principle balance of your initial loan (up to a maximum of 0.15%). Additionally, OneTwo would kindly match any additional payments you make to the loan, up to a maximum of $2,500. (T&C apply). This loan doesn’t offer further features like an offset account or the opportunity to withdraw on additional repayments because its main goal is to reduce costs.

-HSBC- Discounted Home Value Loan. Features of loan: On LVRs under 80%, variable rates begin at 4.13% per year (4.14% per year in comparison*), and you can access a free redraw facility and make an unlimited number of additional payments. The absence of upfront costs is also a benefit. With this loan, you also have the option of splitting your loan into two parts, one with a variable rate and the other with a fixed rate. This feature is known as the split account feature.

Depending on your specific situation one of these home loan lenders may be the right choice for you. Weigh your options and make an informed decision based on what is best for your family.

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