15 May 2022

What Type of Mortgage Should I Pick?

Type of Mortgage

Mortgage House is a non-bank lender. We have remained an innovator in the market since we opened our doors in 1986. One of our specialties is helping homebuyers pick the best type of mortgage for their current financial circumstances. Our team understands that homebuyers no longer fit into a mortgage cookie cutter that is the conventional mortgage. We know that small business owners cannot provide three months of payslips. Plus, first-time homebuyers might require a guarantor.

It’s important to apply for the right mortgage. Otherwise, the homebuyer risks receiving a rejection and slowing down the homebuyer process. Mortgage House mortgage categories include:

  • Investors
  • Refinance
  • Second-home buyer
  • Construction
  • Relocation

Therefore, we take into account the specific circumstances and goals of every applicant. As an innovator in the lending market, we have developed proprietary tools that help our lending specialists evaluate applications efficiently. Then, our team can match the applicant to the most appropriate product. 

Some homebuyers benefit from obtaining a lesser amount. Others can take the higher home loan interest rates since it allows them to become homeowners. Then, once the property builds meaningful equity and the homeowner improves their financial position, they can refinance the mortgage and obtain better terms. 

It’s OK to take a strategic approach toward homeownership. Moreover, Mortgage House can make that happen and provide a seamless experience. 

Type of Mortgage Conclusion 

When you need to finance a home purchase, Mortgage House helps you pick the best type of mortgage for your financial circumstances. Contact our lending specialists to obtain guidance today.

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