04 Jan 2022

What Mortgage Providers Are Giving the Best Rates?

Banks, credit unions, and lending societies provide the best mortgage rates to several clients. However, they save the best loan terms for the most qualified applicants. It makes sense. The less right the homebuyer poses, the more desirable their business is to these conservative lending institutions. 

Mortgage House, on the other hand, offers competitive rates to homebuyers in different financial situations. For example, we work with homebuyers who don’t qualify for conventional mortgages. Instead, they qualify for low deposit, low doc, and family pledge mortgages.

As a non-bank lender, we have the freedom to work with clients who cannot provide full financial documentation, a 20% deposit, or have blemishes on their credit report.

We also work with investors, owner-builders, and homeowners seeking to relocate.

Some of our mortgages are the:

  • Wealth-Builder Investor Special Home Loan
  • Platinum Home Loan 80
  • Low Rate Advantage Essentials Home Loan

Our variable-rate mortgages start at 1.94% and increase from there. Our fixed-rate mortgage rates start at 2.29%.

Mortgage House fixed-rate home loans include:

  • Fix & Save 2 Years Fixed
  • Advantage 2 Years Fixed Investment Special
  • MHouse Prime Essentials 3 Years Fixed

Our loan specialists have the tools to efficiently evaluate all applications. After the review, they can give the applicant the best loan terms that fit their financial circumstances. We follow the same process for those who wish to take out a car loan.

Best Mortgage Rates Conclusion

Several home loan providers offer best mortgage rates. However, many of them focus on giving them to well-qualified applicants. Mortgage House focuses on providing competitive home loan rates to homebuyers based on their current financial circumstances. Contact our loan specialists today.

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