02 May 2022

What Lender Offers the Best Home Loan Rate?

Best Home Loan Rate

All lenders provide competitive loan rates. However, they reserve them for well-qualified applicants. Well-qualified candidates bring a 20% deposit, three months of payslips, and bank statements to the table. In addition, they bring stellar credit scores too. The combination of these elements delivers the best home loan rate since the applicant provides the least amount of risk. 

Mortgage House is a non-bank lender. Since we do not service savings accounts and deposits, we have more freedom to work with an array of clients than banks. We compete with banks for well-qualified homebuyers. Plus, we provide competitive terms for homebuyers who have blemishes on their credit reports or lack full financial documentation.

Examples of Mortgage House mortgage products include:

  • Chameleon Executive Home Loan at 1.94%
  • Advantage Wealth Builder Investor Special at 2.44%
  • Affordable First Home Buyer Special at 2.79%

Some mortgage rates do climb to 5.1%. However, many believe that homeownership is the road to wealth building. Therefore, if the homeowner diligently keeps up with their repayments, they can build meaningful home equity by year five. Then, it’s possible to refinance home loan to obtain better loan terms and rates. 

Moreover, Mortgage House offers several tools to help homebuyers offset their interest rates charges such as the offset account. 

Best Home Loan Rate Conclusion

Many individuals can obtain the best home loan rate for their financial circumstances through Mortgage House. Our loan specialists evaluate each application and obtain loan terms based on the results. Contact our team to start the process today.

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