10 Jan 2022

What Is the Lowest Deposit for a Mortgage?

Banks remain the most conservative mortgage lenders. Their size means that they cannot fund excessively risky home loans. The lowest deposit a bank is willing to accept is 5-10%. They prefer 20%.

If a bank accepts a 5-10% deposit, the homebuyer incurs the lender’s mortgage insurance fee or low deposit premium. You’ll see these fees as a percentage of the total mortgage amount lent.

Lenders prefer to lend a lower loan-to-value ratio. If a homebuyer places 20% toward their home, the LVR is 80%. When they reach an LVR of 90-95%, it puts the lender at higher risk. Thus, the homebuyer must have stellar income, credit history, and the ability to repay the mortgage.

To help defray extra fees and risk, it helps to bring a guarantor or collateral into the fold. Thus, obtaining a mortgage becomes a balancing act.

Mortgage House remains a forward-thinking non-bank lender in the home loan space. We provide competitive loan terms to well-qualified homebuyers. We also work with buyers who cannot provide a 20% deposit, full financial documentation, or those that require a guarantor.

Our loan specialists have access to proprietary tools that allow them to evaluate each application thoroughly. Then they provide potential loan terms based on the homebuyer’s current financial circumstances. 

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Lowest Deposit for Mortgage Conclusion

The lowest deposit most lenders will accept for a mortgage is 10%. Homebuyers who cannot provide it become candidates for alternatives to conventional home loans. Explore your financing options with Mortgage House. Our loan specialists are ready to help.

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