14 Jul 2022

What is the fee for servicing your loan?

Fee Waiver Benefit

All loan providers and banking institutes charge fees for opening an account and borrowing money from them. These fees are typically small and included in the minimum mortgage repayment monthly or fortnightly, however, they can catch borrowers off-guard.

The servicing fee is a small percentage, about 0.025-0.075%. The servicing fee, specifically, is included to take care of maintenance and administration costs for keeping the mortgage and the line of communication between your banking institute and the mortgage for repayment purposes open.

The servicing fee is not for banks or payment types, but it is paid to the mortgage server that collects the repayment and distributes them to the primary lender. There are more loan fees, though, to watch out for that borrowers should be aware of.

For example, borrowers who miss a repayment or only pay a partial amount of the minimum are subject to default fees. Missing too many repayments can cause a lender to take legal action against the borrower. If you are in financial hardship or need additional help with repayments, contact your mortgage provider for more details. Some programs can assist or pause repayments until your situation is stable and under control.

Servicing Loan Fee Conclusion

With how confusing loans can be, it is no wonder that some borrowers stress when looking at the additional fees and costs associated with loans. Here at Mortgage House, we pride ourselves on our transparency and clearly define additional fees on a loan. Interested in bundling loans and saving money? Call Mortgage House lenders for more details and to start the process.

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