01 May 2022

What Is the Best Low Doc Remortgage?

Mortgage House Low Doc Remortgage

As the Australian housing market poses challenges for home buyers, lenders and buyers continue making adjustments to the new normal. Sometimes becoming a homeowner means taking on a mortgage that has high-interest rates. Nonetheless, the Australian government invests resources into helping first-time homebuyers become homeowners sooner rather than later.

For example, Mortgage House helps independent contractors and individuals with less than stellar credit scores become homeowners. Banks have more strict lending terms. In addition to issuing mortgages, they also service savings accounts and deposits. Therefore, banks have liquidity thresholds that they must meet daily. Since they can’t issue risky home loans, banks will help homebuyers realize their homeownership dreams. However, the trade-off is more expensive mortgages. 

Those who seek to improve their loan terms can apply for a Mortgage House low doc remortgage. Remortgage is the process of moving a home loan from one lender to another. Essentially, you will refinance it. Ideally, the strategy will net you new loan terms that save you money in interest rate charges.

Examples of Mortgage House remortgage home loans include:

  • Chameleon – Executive Home Loan at 2.44%
  • The Essentials Low Rate Home Loan 80 at 2.69%
  • Advantage Standard Home Loan 60 at 2.79%

The best way to find out what product fits your situation is to contact our Mortgage House loan specialist team. 

Mortgage House Low Doc Remortgage Conclusion

To obtain better home loan terms, consider applying for a Mortgage House low doc remortgage. Our loan specialists remain ready to explore your current mortgage and financial circumstances. Contact our team today.

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