12 Nov 2021

What is the best home loan rate in Australia?

The Australian housing market is currently thriving. Because of the global pandemic known as Covid-19, the Australian housing market is allowing for low home loan interest rates. Potential homeowners are applying more than ever for home loans and houses in hopes of scoring a fixed-rate loan with a low value.

There are many home loan rates in Australia, but the best rates currently are all under 2%. Home loan interest rates are as low as 1.88%. This may not be a good thing for all potential homeowners, though. Home loan interest rates are constantly changing and significantly vary depending on if the loan is on a fixed rate or variable rate. 

Fixed-rate loans tend to have a higher loan rate, but they can be low depending on factors. The best home loan rate in Australia is 1.88%, but there are restrictions. For instance, this rate is only valid for a contract of two years and is a fixed-rate loan. A deposit also needs to be made of a minimum of 20%. This home loan rate is better suited for an investor looking to sell for a profit within two years. Less interest is accrued over time, but not all homeowners, especially first-time homeowners, can pay the entire amount in two years or less.

The best home loan rate in Australia for each potential homeowner depends on what they are looking for. Some applicants want a home that they can pay off over time and don’t want to look at the interest rate. Other applicants may be interested in lower interest rates but also a lower number of years. Either way, applicants should consider using a mortgage repayment calculator to review an estimate of their payments based on the bet offered home loan rates.

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