20 Jun 2021

What is LoanPal?

Secured vs. Unsecured Loans

LoanPal is Mortgage House’s online banking solution. Once you become a client of ours, you’ll receive the opportunity to create an online account through our portal.

Online banking is a standard perk that several lenders offer to their clients. Some clients expect an online method for managing their accounts to be part of their package. If you’re new to online banking, our loan specialists include information in your welcome packet. The information includes online account creation and login steps.  

If you have trouble setting up the account, our help desk is available to troubleshoot. They’ll walk you through the process and answer your questions.

Customers who prefer to maintain contact with our lending team without setting up the online method can do so. The rest of our clients can set it up as soon as they receive the instructions by text message.

Some LoanPal features include financial product information, outstanding balances, and upcoming payment dates. You’ll have the option to set up online payments, link your direct debit account, and coordinate digital repayments. You can look up your business loan details, too.

Since you’ll be spending time on our Mortgage House website, check out the latest free articles packed with financial product information. You’ll have the opportunity to view information about products that save you money or add a money-saving option to your current product.

LoanPal Conclusion

LoanPal is one of the many perks Mortgage House clients enjoy. Once you acquire one of our financial products, you’ll be ready to set up an online banking account. After setting up your online account, you remain in control of your finances with us. Each account receives a stellar layer of security. 

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