11 Jun 2022

What is LoanPal? – What are my set daily limits?


The thing about LoanPal is that it is a non-bank lending banking system. Meaning you can make repayments on your loan and update information. However, you do not use it as a traditional banking system. It is not possible to take money out of your account as a credit or debit card.

Instead, the overall purpose of a LoanPal banking account is to repay your loan and have the loan details at your fingertips in a convenient way. The LoanPal banking system is easy to use and perfect for beginners looking to apply for and borrow a loan.

During the loan application process, a Mortgage House home lender expert will discuss with the borrower how to log in or create an account. The information and communication are then shared through the portal. Looking for the portal? The online banking portal is easy to spot on the Mortgage House home page.

When looking to use LoanPal’s banking system, you can find it on the home page. At the top of the screen, look for ‘log in’. This information is also stated in your welcome package. Borrowers looking to increase their limits and loan may apply online and look for additional information on the ‘news’ page.

LoanPal Daily Limits Conclusion

Overall, using the LoanPal application and banking system is great, fast, and easy! There is no way to increase the daily limits, though, as this banking system is not a debit or credit card. Instead, you can make quick repayments on Mortgage House loans.

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