10 Jun 2022

What is LoanPal? – How much of my online banking can I do on LoanPal?

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Mortgage House borrowers have a unique opportunity to use an easy and convenient online banking system. LoanPal is offered to all Mortgage House borrowers in the process of applying and being approved for a loan. This online banking system has excellent security, perfect for a banking system.

The payments are also easy! Looking to make a payment on your loan? Instead of waiting for the system to automatically take out the loan from your banking institute, you can log in to the free and effortless online banking system to make a repayment.

There are a few features that you can use on your online banking system. For example, you can change the payment for a selected date, make a payment, and look at your loan details. It is a convenient application that has all of this valuable information at the tips of your fingers!

When using the LoanPal banking system, there are some limitations. For example, Mortgage House is a lender, but it is not a bank. While you can link your direct debit account to make repayments, you cannot use this account to take out money or make payments on other goods and services not associated with Mortgage House.

Online LoanPal Banking Conclusion

Using the LoanPal banking system is convenient and easy to use. If you are unsure, our Mortgage House experts are happy to assist you in the process. Explore your account to find other unique benefits of using your online LoanPal account.

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