10 Jun 2022

What is LoanPal? – How much does it cost to use?


LoanPal is convenient and offered to Mortgage House borrowers. Once a borrower signs the paperwork for their loan, they have the ability to use the free and easy to use the online banking system. First, users will go through a verification and application process based on information like their name, address, phone number, and email.

In the LoanPal online banking system, the user can look through the terms and documents associated with their personalised loan. Since it is a free program, you won’t have to worry about added fees and hidden extra payments! Instead, this online banking system is perfect for borrowers looking to pay their loans while also viewing their outstanding balance after the payments. 

The best part about LoanPal is that it is safe. Borrowers won’t have to worry about their personal information being leaked since the security on the application is excellent. The payments are also smooth and quick. Want to make an additional payment or view the online Mortgage House application? You can do this too! 

If there are problems with your account, the online help desk is available!

LoanPal Cost Conclusion

LoanPal is convenient and a great banking tool for borrowers and homeowners looking to pay their monthly repayment amount online. The app is easy to use and effortless. There is even an application that is downloadable for your phone. Mortgage House lenders are happy to assist you in making the account after speaking with them and applying for a loan.

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