07 Jun 2022

What is dual occupancy? – What is dual occupancy? Give an example of this

dual occupancy

Dual occupancy is a term that is still expanding in the Australian housing market. Dual occupancy homes are residential properties where two or more families stay. However, the amenities, rooms, and homes are separated into distinct sections with walls that separate the two individual people or families.

When choosing a dual occupancy home, there are many designs to choose from. Some homes have an open floor plan where nothing is separated. It is up to you and the designer to create your dream dual occupancy home.

Typically though, a dual occupancy home is good for large families that live together but are independent workers. For example, a mother and father live in one section of the home, while the older daughter lives in another. Usually, dual occupancy homes have double space, as well as two kitchens, multiple bathrooms, and living rooms. While this is true, some dual occupancy homes have shared living spaces like the kitchen or the living room.

A dual occupancy home is not for everyone. While this is true, this is still a clear option that can be chosen when looking for a home! It is best to talk to a home loan and mortgage expert before choosing a dual occupancy home.

Dual Occupancy Conclusion

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