09 Jun 2022

What is dual occupancy? – What is detached dual occupancy?

Detached Dual Occupancy

Dual occupancy refers to a home that is divided into two sections where two independent parties live. Usually, the people who live in a dual occupancy are family, and they contribute to a rental or mortgage. Typically, the homes are attached and share open and communal spaces like the living room or backyard.

Of course, there are other options when considering a dual occupancy home. Borrowers can also look into taking a loan out that allows for a detached dual occupancy. With a detached dual occupancy, there are two separate buildings on the same plot of land owned by the same person. One requirement, though, is that this detached dual occupancy cannot have a granny flat.

A detached dual occupancy is more convenient because it allows for more space and privacy. The only communal spaces would be lands themselves, such as the front yard or backyard. Most of the time, investors charge more than a regular attached dual occupancy for convenience and privacy.

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Detached Dual Occupancy Conclusion

Detached dual occupancy homes are convenient for borrowers looking to invest in real estate. There is a large potential for passive income each month when purchasing a detached dual occupancy home. Mortgage House lenders are experts and only a call away!

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