21 Feb 2022

What Is Application Waived Definition?

Application Waived

The mortgage application process takes between four weeks to three months to complete. Lenders require time to complete their financial background checks on applicants. Each lender establishes a set of fees that they charge homebuyers to establish the dockets. In some cases, lenders will waive the fees. That’s when you will hear that it was waived.

The application waived definition means that the lender agreed to not charge their processing fees. This is good news for the homebuyer as it equals savings. Sometimes application waived means other things. Therefore, it’s important to read documents sent to you by the lender thoroughly. 

For example, sometimes lenders will waive the valuation. They use other tools for the loan to value ratios.

Loan specialists at Mortgage House help homebuyers understand the basics of their mortgage choice home loan. Then, it’s up to the homebuyer to speak with a financial and legal specialist. They can go over the contract and point out anything that might look distressing.

We aim to make the process transparent. Our loan specialists work to put each homebuyer in a position to succeed financially. If you have questions about the fees or taxes, consult with our team. Every homebuyer must understand their financial responsibility. For example, some loans have ongoing fees. Then, they must deal with the exit fees. 

Application Waived Definition Conclusion

The application waived definition means that the lender has waived the fee in most cases. Mortgage House loan specialists can waive fees for homebuyers in several circumstances. Contact our team to obtain more information.

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