23 Mar 2022

What Is a Mortgage Borrowing Calculator and How Does It Help Me?

Mortgage Borrowing Calculator

A mortgage borrowing calculator serves several purposes. It helps homebuyers organise their finances before applying for a mortgage. The calculator also helps them estimate their borrowing capacity. Lastly, the tool allows homebuyers to see their finances through the lens of lenders. 

The mortgage application process takes between four weeks to three months. Lenders require this time to evaluate the applicant’s finances as a whole. They take into account the applicant’s net income and monthly expenses. A homebuyer’s bank statements and payslips help lenders spot trends in their spending habits and income. Lenders must ensure that a homebuyer can repay their mortgage.

If loan terms don’t work for the homebuyer’s finances, lenders can make adjustments. For example, the homebuyer’s finances might handle a lower home loan amount better. Mortgage House provides proprietary tools to our loan specialists. The tools help our loan specialists explore several loan options per applicant. The goal is to put each homebuyer on a path to succeed financially. 

Even though the results of the calculator do not constitute an offer from the lender, it does provide a solid starting point. The same is true for our car loan calculator. Thus, the calculator helps home buyers see their finances differently. It’s important to remain conservative before applying for a home loan. Then, applicants must maintain that mindset during the process. 

Mortgage Borrowing Calculator Conclusion

The Mortgage House mortgage borrowing calculator is a helpful tool that allows homebuyers to estimate their borrowing capacity. It helps home buyers see their finances through the eyes of lenders. To explore your home loan options, contact our loan specialists today.

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