25 Mar 2022

What Is a Loan Period?

Loan Period and Mortgages

For mortgages, a loan period defines the billing cycle. The term is one of many that homebuyers will encounter during the application process. They’ll also encounter several financial terms when they receive their home loan contract. It’s important to understand these terms as they define the repayment parameters. In 30 years, anything can happen, including financially. If the homeowner experiences financial hardship, they must know how missed payments impact their standing with the lender.

To keep things simple, lenders charge the repayment on the first of every month. Therefore, a loan period billing cycle runs from the first of the month to the last day of the same month. Lenders give homeowners some leeway before considering a mortgage in arrears. Loan periods also determine when lenders charge interest rates. Lenders charge interest rates daily. However, they capitalise on them monthly. 

Thus, if you request to skip a mortgage repayment or to put repayments on hold, it’s important to understand how the changes impact the loan periods. Even when a lender grants homeowners some relief, they will capitalise on the interest rates charges if the homeowner doesn’t pay them.

Mortgage House provides several resources online to help homeowners understand the terms of their home loan. We offer our mortgage choice calculators for free. 

Loan Period and Mortgages Conclusion 

For home buyers, it’s important to understand the definition of a loan period. If things go astray financially, a homeowner must understand how it impacts their repayments. Mortgage House loan specialists outline this information in the welcome packets. For more information, contact our team today.

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