27 Nov 2022

What is a line of credit mortgage?

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A line of credit home loan is a type of mortgage where you can borrow against the value of your home. This means that you don’t take out a loan – instead, you are borrowing against the equity in your property. You might think of it like taking out a personal loan against your house.

Line of credit loans is a great way to finance big purchases because you’re not tied to a single payment. Instead, you can spread the cost of the purchase over several months, making it easier to manage your finances.

You’ll usually be given a set amount of credit to spend on whatever you choose. For instance, you could decide to buy a car, pay off some bills, or even start saving for something else. But you won’t be charged interest for every month you make a payment. Instead, you’ll only pay interest on the total amount borrowed.

In addition to being flexible, line-of-credit mortgages offer another benefit: no application fee. You fill out a form, submit it, and then await approval. Once you receive that approval, you can take out the cash.

The downside to this type of loan is that you must repay the entire balance simultaneously, and if you miss any payments, you will lose all the borrowed money. So, if you want to avoid this scenario, you should consider other types of financing.

At Mortgage House, we are experienced in assisting homeowners with finding a loan option that best suits their financial situations and providing ready-to-approve individually tailored plans to save them time.

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