05 May 2022

What Home Loans Have the Best Rates?

Best Rates and Home Loans

Most homebuyers comparison shop so that they can obtain the best rates on their mortgages. Lenders use several factors when determining loan term offers that they make to homebuyers. While some mortgages have low rates, the applicant’s financial circumstances determine whether or not they can obtain them. 

For example, Mortgage House offers the Affordable First Time Home Buyer Special mortgage at 2.29%. However, some buyers will need extra support to qualify for it. Most first-time homebuyers have little credit and employment history. Therefore, lenders cannot truly gauge if the homebuyer will repay their mortgage in full and on time. Mortgage House also offers the Essentials Low Rate Home Loan 80 at 2.19%. It features an:

  • Offset account
  • Additional repayments
  • Redraw facility
  • Variable-rate

Plus, it will fund 80% of the property’s value. Therefore, homebuyers must place a 20% deposit to qualify. If they do not have cash, Mortgage House will accept collateral. If a deposit is not available, we will determine if the homebuyer will incur the lender’s mortgage insurance fee. Otherwise, they might have to apply for a different mortgage. 

Mortgage House is a non-bank lender. We provide competitive loan terms to well-qualified applicants. Plus, we work with those who require alternative mortgages such as the low doc loan. 

Once you become our client, you receive access to the rest of our products including our Mortgage House business loan

Best Rates and Home Loans Conclusion

Homebuyers interested in obtaining the best rates can speak with our Mortgage House loan specialists and request guidance. The process begins before you submit your application. Contact our team today.

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