03 Sep 2022

What Does Mortgage House Capital Offer?

Mortgage House offers several funding options to allow business owners to choose the proper funding for their business needs. Our lending specialists can assist business owners in identifying the best funding option for their business. 

Our business loans have varying interest rates, lending requirements, and loan terms. Capital offers are another funding option we provide that allows business expansions or upgrades to be funded through equity using stocks. 

Business loans have some requirements an applicant must meet for approval, like applying for an Australian Business Number. Australian Business Numbers allow business owners to open a bank account required for depositing business checks and funds. Only business owners are allowed to apply for business loans; therefore, applicants are required to submit proof of business ownership. 

We also offer warehouse, wholesale, and mezzanine funding options. Warehouse and wholesale funding can cause short-term debt, while mezzanine funding can be used through equity or a loan. Mezzanine funding allows access to funds without financial statements, tax documents, and proof of income. 

Wholesale funding is a financing model used by banks developed with a variation of commercial credit markets, settled deposits by lenders, and federal funds. Warehouse funding allows businesses to take out loans that are secured by the business’s inventories. 

A business loan requires interest to be paid for and equity which means a percentage of a business is given to shareholders. Mezzanine funding causes a business’s assets to become collateral for guaranteed repayment. 

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