05 Aug 2022

What documents do I get after paying off my mortgage?

Documents and Mortgage

Paying off a mortgage is very exciting. In Australia, there are a few documents you must receive once you pay off your mortgage. These documents allow the government and others to know that you are the sole owner of the home and there are no other parties involved like mortgage lenders or banks. The first document that you will receive is the certificate of satisfaction.  

This letter states that you paid your mortgage in full. You should expect that your certificate of satisfaction will have a lot of information regarding your loan including how much was paid off and at what time.

There are not a lot of documents that come with ending a mortgage because most of the information is not accessed online; however, you should always ask for copies of all documents you received during your mortgage. Look over mortgage repayment documents from the beginning, to ensure that you do not have to pay extra fees. Keep everything, even after your initial mortgage is fully paid off.

Documents and Mortgage Conclusion

All in all, there are various documents that you receive after you pay off your mortgage. Mortgage house lenders are professionals with years of experience that can assist you in the mortgage lending process. It can be easy to get approval for a mortgage loan. If you are unsure how much you can borrow, use our online free mortgage calculators which can tell you how much to borrow or what your repayment amount could be based on a competitive interest rate.

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