22 Jul 2022

What do you do if you have bad customer service?

Next Steps Bad Customer Service

You do not have to deal with bad customer service alone. It is frustrating to be in a situation where an employee or manager is being rude and not offering the best they can be. When you are in these situations, it can feel overwhelming, but try to take a deep breath and speak to a manager.

Always go directly to someone with a higher position. Managers and supervisors of banks and companies can fix problems and speak to corporate and other higher-ups to get faster solutions. When you find the manager, do so as quickly as possible and have all of the information ready. 

You must remember who was involved in the bad customer service experience as well as what they told you and what the original problem was. This can help you build a case to find a solution. It can be scary to file a complaint with the Australia Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA), but if supervisors are not pulling their weight or doing enough, you will need to move on.

Write a letter to the Australia Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) directly. The information is written online clearly. They do take up to four months, though, to get back to your complaint.

Next Steps Bad Customer Service Conclusion

Instead of letting bad customer service get in the way of your day, speak to someone about the experience. Mortgage House representatives do their best daily to provide quality and knowledgeable customer service experiences to clients.

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