12 Nov 2021

What do I do (guide) to sell my current property and buy a better home?

As the Australian housing market continues to grow and lure in potential home buyers, homeowners may be looking to move into a larger or better home. The best way to sell your current property and buy a better one is by following these four easy steps.

Find Out How Much Your House is Worth

This step requires a few extra steps within. To figure out how much your house is worth, it is crucial to hire someone to do an appraisal so there is a clear paper trail that potential home buyers can solve. This will also let you know of any things in your home that could be repaired or completed to increase the value. Sometimes, it is as easy as throwing an extra coat of paint on the walls or repairing sheetrock.

Prepare Your Home To Show

Once an appraisal is set, but before posting your home for sale, it is essential to prepare it for showing. Some ways to do this is by deep cleaning your home and staging rental furniture to make it look more inviting. Homebuyers want to see the potential of your home and how it could be theirs to decorate and renovate. In this step, the outdoors should also be prepared for presentation. Adding some flowers and extra lawn care can be what sells your home.

Attend Open Houses With Your New Knowledge

As someone who is selling a home, now you have more knowledge on what to look for. During this step, your home should be open to showings and posted on selling sites. While people view your home, you should do the same to look for a better place to stay! Be sure to look for an appraisal and any damage to the interior or exterior of the home. 

Review offers and negotiations

During this step, homeowners can find themselves playing the roles of buyers and sellers. You should be making offers on homes while also reviewing the offers that come through on your current home. During this step, it is all about timing. How fast can you close on your new home? How much time can the buyers of your old home give you to move out? Buying a new home and selling your old home can be tough, but it is not impossible.

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